Fitri wahyuni (2022), A STUDY OF SYNTACTIC NOUN CLAUSE IN THE MOVIE SCRIPT SKRIPSI. Skripsi, Universitas Samudra.


There were four form of noun clauses in that script, namely : question, exclamation, request, and statements. In this study, researchers only focus on noun clauses from statements. In the form of noun clauses from statements, there were six functions, namely, noun clause as subject, noun clause as subjective complement, noun clause as object of verb, noun clause as object preposition, noun clause as appositives, and noun clause as subject after it. This research is aimed to (i) find out the form of noun clauses in the script movie. (ii) Analysis syntactic of noun clauses found in the script Movie. The research used a qualitative method theory descriptive approach. The writer took film dialog script as the main source. The data were collected noun clauses in the script of the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo used watching, reading script, and analysing. The result of the analysis were noun clauses in the script film found 23 noun clauses from statements. There are 10 types of subjective complement function data, 4 functions as object of verb, 4 functions as subject, 3 functions as subject after it, and 2 functions as Appositives. The researcher suggests to the students that they learn and know more about noun clauses and their types, because noun clauses are important to know in order to understand the structure of English easily.


Kata kunci : Analysis, Syntax, Noun Clause, Film Script

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Penulis/Penyusun : Fitri wahyuni
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Program.Studi : Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (2022)
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Penerbit : Langsa, Universitas Samudra, 2022
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