Ita Juliani Br Surbakti (2021), THE ANALYSIS OF MOVES IN INTERNATIONAL GAMES TOURNAMENT . Skripsi, Universitas Samudra.


The aim of this research was to find out the generic structure and communicative purpose. This research applied a library research where the researcher using a descriptive qualitative method using content analysis. The analysis procedure was downloaded the videos, watched, transcribing the data collect into a written text. The results showed 8 moves and tells the communicative purpose the researcher showed Title showed the team that would be follow the compete, Identify of match showed to the match description time and place, Researcher arguments showed to all about the team that complete, Preparation of Participants that showed to reveal identity of the participants, Prediction of the Match showed to estimate the result of the match, Readiness of Participators described the match scheme of participants, Results the Match described the data result of the appearances, Analysis Identity showed reveal the name of the analysis and the source of the news.

Kata kunci : Moves, Games Tournament, Pencak Silat

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Tipe Items : Skripsi
Penulis/Penyusun : Ita Juliani Br Surbakti
Fakultas : Fakultas Keguruan & Ilmu Pendidikan
Program.Studi : Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (2021)
Tanggal disimpan : 16-06-2021 10:41
Terakhir diubah : 24-06-2021 01:09
Penerbit : Langsa, Universitas Samudra, 2021
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