Ivana Sambara Barus (2021), AN EXPLORATION OF STUDENTS' ENGAGEMENT IN EFL CLASSROOMS . Skripsi, Universitas Samudra.


The purpose of this research was to explore students' behavioral engagement in the classroom and factors that affect it. There are two problem formulations that are the focus of this study (1) how is the students 'engagement in EFL Classrooms, and (2) What factors that affect students' engagement in the EFL Classrooms. This research was conducted at SMP N 3 Langsa in the 2020/2021 academic year. The  participants in this study were first grade students of SMP N 3 Langsa. Two English classes with different English teachers were randomly selected for the required data collection. The design of this study is an explorative descriptive qualitative study. This research was identified using observations, questionnaires and focus group discussions. The results of this study indicate that most students give their attention, effort, persistence and concentration in the learning process and they are also active in asking questions, giving opinions and discussing. The results of this study also show that the most dominant factor in influencing students 'engagement is the teachers' support factor.

Kata kunci : students’ engagement, factor in students’ engagement, EFL classrooms.

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Tipe Items : Skripsi
Penulis/Penyusun : Ivana Sambara Barus
Fakultas : Fakultas Keguruan & Ilmu Pendidikan
Program.Studi : Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (2021)
Tanggal disimpan : 02-08-2021 11:37
Terakhir diubah : 02-08-2021 10:26
Penerbit : Langsa, Universitas Samudra, 2021
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